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Steel String Acoustics

I have three regular models; the Pavilion, Arbour and Pergola reflecting three different body sizes. The Pavilion has a 400mm lower bout, the Arbour 380mm and the Pergola 360mm. All three are available with my Sweep cutaway design that gives fantastic upper fret access. It also allows, on the larger guitars, for the neck to be set further into the body, placing the bridge at the widest point, as on a traditional 12 frets-to-the-body guitar. I also often build the Pavilion with a Manzer wedge which reduces the depth of the bass side under the right forearm.


At the extreme ends of these three sizes I also offer a Baritone model with a low tuning a fourth or fifth below standard and a long scale length up to 735mm, and the Terz tuned a minor 3rd above standard  with a scale length of 545mm. 


The models on offer are a guide to what is available and, as each guitar is made by hand with not many jigs, I can offer a wide range of options in terms of scale lengths, neck widths etc. - just ask.

Pavilion front.jpg


Arbour front.jpg


Baritone front.jpg


pergola front.jpg


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