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The Arbour has a 380mm lower bout width and a body depth of 105mm at the end block. This approximates to the dimensions of an OM in Martin terminology. 

I often build this model with the Sweep cutaway option which gives easy access to the highest frets and is facilitated by a very ergonomic heel that sits in the palm of the fretting hand. The cutaway begins in the upper bout and sweeps diagonally across the fretboard and into the Florentine point on the treble side. Because the sweep cutaway allows such great access to the upper frets I can pull the neck and bridge further into the body than on the non-cutaway model and this in turn allows the bridge to be situated at the widest part of the soundboard - the most efficient point from which to drive it. 


The standard scale length is 650mm (25.6”) but this can be varied to suit the player’s needs.

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