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I build instruments one by one in my small workshop with a minimal use of jigs and moulds.

I originally learnt guitar making from Roy Courtnal, author of Making Master Guitars,  through traditional classical guitar building methods. This informs the basis of how I build today: I build steel string acoustics using similar methods to the traditional classical guitar: that is from the neck and soundboard up with an integrated Spanish heel. I believe this makes for great stability in that the body is built around the neck as an integral part of the structure while all the necessary neck/body geometry is maintained. My instruments are lightweight with thin finishes  and are consequently very responsive.

Most of my work is done by hand using largely traditional methods although I do use some machinery to save on 'donkey work'.

I use traditional hot hide glue for most of the construction. It is good for transmission of resonances and, as a material that can be revitalised and undone, it allows me to work in an intuitive way. 

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