Instruments for Sale

Arbour Sweep 

This guitar has a 650mm scale length and my sweep cutaway with what would be a 12-fret body join without the cutaway. This places the bridge at the widest part of the lower bout where it can drive the soundboard most readily. This is a medium body size but to enhance the lower frequencies I have made the body deeper than usual (115mm at the end) but have countered this with a Manzer wedge so that the body is shallower on the bass side where it fits under the player's forearm and the extra depth is barely noticeable.

The soundboard is European spruce, the back and sides steamed pear, the neck reclaimed Honduras mahogany and the fingerboard and bridge English laburnum. The head veneer and rosette are spalted beech assembled in a 'crazy paving' design. The machine heads are Gotoh 510 minis. The finish is Osmo oil which gives a nice tactile sheen. 

Complete with Hiscox Pro II case


Price £3150

Pavilion Sweep 13

The 13 designation refers to the fret at which the neck and body would join without the cutaway. The significance of this is that the bridge is lower on the soundboard than a 14 fret guitar and closer to the widest part of the lower bout where movement is freer. 

The soundboard is European spruce, the back and sides osage orange, the neck reclaimed Honduras mahogany and the fingerboard and bridge English laburnum. The head veneer and rosette are Italian olive wood. The machine heads are made by Schertler. The finish is French polish. It is fitted with a Headway Snake under-saddle pickup and there is a strap button on the heel (not shown in the photos. 

This guitar has had some light use and that is reflected in the price. There are some minor marks in the finish and the fingerboard shows some signs of playing.

Complete with Hiscox Pro II case




This is my Obelisk model made entirely from reclaimed woods. The body is sapele from a church pew made in 1960, the body cap, fingerboard and head veneer are oak from an old bookcase, and the neck is Honduras mahogany from a shelf. The knobs are bakelite radio knobs. The scale length is 650mm (25.6").

The neck pickup is a TVJones Paul Yandell model, with blades under the top three strings and polepieces under the other three. The bridge pickup is P90 wound by myself. The controls are simple - volume, tone and three way selector switch. The volume and tone knobs are vintage bakelite.

Machine heads are Gotoh 510 minis and the bridge is a Schaller Signum wrapover with very low profile. 

The finish is Osmo oil with pigments rubbed into the grain to accentuate it.

Complete with Hiscox hard case.


Price £2500

Classical, lattice braced

This guitar is my standard classical body shape with the circular lower bout and bridge in the centre. The scale length is 660mm. It is latticed brace using only solid wood - no carbon fibre, balsa or plywood as is commonly found in lattice braced instruments. This gives the power of a lattice-braced guitar but with the warmth and woodiness of a traditional fan-brace instrument.


The soundboard is western red cedar, back and sides are reclaimed Indian rosewood and the neck reclaimed Honduras mahogany. The fingerboard is Rocklite, a treated wood substitute for ebony that has greater stability. The bridge is Indian rosewood.


Complete with Hiscox ProII case.


Price £3500

Pair of concert ukuleles

This yin and yang pair have been a collaborative project with my daughter Rose Lucas. She came up with the concept of black and white ukes that were negatives of each other. She designed and carried out all the inlay work and I did most of the construction.

We used two woods: European maple for the white and 5000 year-old English bog oak for the black. These are concert-sized instruments and have an Osmo oil finish, which gives a very tactile surface.