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The Pavilion has a 400mm lower bout - about the same width as a Dreadnought - and a depth at the end block of 115mm. It could be called a small jumbo. In its simple form it is a 14 fret guitar with a scale length of 650mm. 


I often build this model with the Sweep cutaway option which gives easy access to the highest frets and is facilitated by a very ergonomic heel that sits in the palm of the fretting hand. The cutaway begins in the upper bout and sweeps diagonally across the fretboard and into the Florentine point on the treble side. Because the sweep cutaway allows such great access to the upper frets I can pull the neck and bridge further into the body than on the non-cutaway model and this in turn allows the bridge to be situated at the widest part of the soundboard - the most efficient point from which to drive it. I can offer this feature in 14, 13 or 12 fret versions (with reference to the non cutaway model. The actual neck-to-body join on the 12-fret version is at the 14th fret on the centreline.) 


I can also offer the Manzer wedge on the Pavilion. This is where the depth of the body is tapered across the width so that it is slim on the bass side under the player’s forearm and deeper on the treble side where it sits on the player’s thigh. It makes for a comfortable fit while maintaining the regular volume of air in the body.

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