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Nylon String

I began my guitar making career building classical guitars and in some respects this has informed my approach to the other instruments I make - lightly built, lightly finished, resonant and with a functional approach to decoration. 

I have developed a design over many years using a circular lower bout with the bridge at its centre (I use this same shape for the steel string Pergola model) and this is a very efficient location from which to drive the soundboard. I use a bracing system which is part fan/part radial to achieve the best balance across all frequencies. I have also built his model with a lattice bracing system built entirely from wood (no carbon fibre) and this gives the power of the lattice system combined with the woody warmth of the more traditional fan brace.

I also build crossover guitars which have the classical sound but are physically aimed at players more familiar with steel string guitars in that they have a narrower neck with radiused fingerboard and a cutaway.

I have also built, and can offer, a nylon string tenor guitar.

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