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"Adrian Lucas' innovative guitars have a beautifully strong, clean and clear sound with a depth and richness that enable the player to make strong contrasts while also retaining a very responsive touch at low dynamic levels. The treble and bass are beautifully matched and project with real strength and clarity - you really feel that the guitar isn't holding anything back".

Craig Ogden

"It is a magnificent instrument. Bold in design and sound, there is something very right about it. Although it is a slightly different sound than our ordinary guitar, the modifications to the shape, the manner of bracing and hole placement produces an extremely big sound that is very well balanced and massive.....The sustain is great, the bass is incredible and the treble is distinct and clear.....the Lucas is an amazing guitar that I recommend......The vision of this guitar is well realized and the articulation of the luthier brings forth his vision in striking exactitude."

Larry Cooperman

"Adrian Lucas is a talented guitar-maker who makes not only conventional style instruments but also a new radial design model. He has excellent skill and understanding of the tonal properties of timber, and produces guitars with a refined and clear balance of tone, plus impressive projection."

John Mills

"I find that the sound comes out very spontaneous and big from your guitars.....I really feel very comfortable playing them."

Antonio de Innocentis

"I found the lutherie of Adrian Lucas original in its concept, forms and artistic results. A bit like an attempt to come back to original concepts, seeking for the essential: the sound. The steel string I have tried reminded me of ancient instruments, very sonic and tight, Eddie Lang, Charlie Christian or Django would have enjoyed it. I was particularly impressed with the sound of the nylon string, very even, graceful and quite friendly all together !"

Pierre Bensusan (steel and classical radials)