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The Pergola

The Pergola is a small-bodied steel string guitar that derives its body shape from my radial classical guitar with the option of a sweep cutaway. The lower bout is circular with a radius of 360mm, which gives it a lower bout width similar to a 00 guitar. The bridge is located at the centre of the circular bout so that it drives the soundboard from the most efficient position. The cutaway option gives 16 frets clear of the body on the treble side.

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pergola front pergola front reclining pergola backpergola head frontpergola head rearpergola bass side
Scale length 650mm
Width at nut 45mm
Width of lower bout 360mm
Body length 510mm at maximum
Max. side depth 105mm
Finished in French polish or oil
Gotoh 510 machineheads or similar
Supplied with Hiscox case

Scale length and neck dimensions can be altered to suit individual taste.