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The Pavilion
Low string notes are solid and particularly singularly defined, exhibiting very little underlying hum to pad them out, just a precisely focused response. Again, the mid-range delivers a thick dominant voice, but with no irksome peaks this has a smooth, full woody flavour, while the treble registers extend to quite brilliant highs offering both sparkle and a crisp click to each pluck. The pay-off for this is that high notes sound a little more cutting, but they still sing out with full body and sustain.
Matthew Wig, Guitarist issue 257, December 2004

The Pavilion might be described as a small jumbo. Its sloping shoulders  and 400mm  (15 3/4") wide roundish lower bout. are linked by a tight waist, giving a well-defined elegance to the outline and a control to the sounboard resonance. The 650mm scale length (25.6") gives a crisp edge and powerto the sound, and the X-braced, sizeable body gives a full bass and a real warmth to the tone without the boominess of a dreadnought. While having a large soundboard, its shape gives the feel of a compact guitar thet is very comfortable to play, particularly with the Manzer wedge option.


Another option is the sweep cutaway. This is a cutaway that begins on the bass side and sweeps diagonally across the neck. On the treble side the fingerboard meets the body at the 18th fret giving exceptional access. John Thomas wrote of this model in the Fretboard Journal review of the 2011 Headsburg Guitar Festival

AJ Lucas fingerstyle guitar.  Every detail of this guitar is, to my eyes, gorgeous.  A lovely cutaway that produces an 18th fret neck/body join and subtle and sophisticated visual details throughout.  The yew sides, yew back with wenge centerpiece, and European spruce top produce the most visually stunning guitar in the show.  A big and warm yet clear sounding guitar that balances perfectly in the lap.


The sweep cutaway can also be configured so that the neck is two frets further into the body. This still gives a 16th fret neck/body join on the treble side, while placing the bridge at the widest part of the lower bout like you would find on a traditional 12-fret guitar.

Pavilion Sweep 12

Here's Michael Chapdelaine playing a Pavilion Sweep guitar:

Michael Chapdelaine

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Pavilion sweep 12 back
Scale length 650mm
Width at nut 45mm
Width of lower bout 400mm
Body length 510mm
Max. side depth 115mm
Finished in French polish or oil
Gotoh machineheads or similar
Supplied with Hiscox case

Scale length and neck dimensions can be altered to suit individual taste.