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Steel String
I came to steel string making from having originally learned to make classical guitars in the Spanish tradition. I believe this has informed my approach to steel string acoustics in that I aim to build a very lightweight and responsive instrument that will be sensitive to every nuance of the player's technique whilst having a full and powerful sound.

Although I list five different models here, they are essentially body shapes and are typical of what I build. However, because I build guitars one at a time by hand without the use of a lot of jigs I can be very flexible as far as shapes and dimensions are concerned: the specifications given for each model are just a guide to what I consider to be typical dimensions. If you want a different scale length, nut width, body depth or even body shape, that's not a problem and of course left-handed guitars will not incur a surcharge.

I currently have five steel-string models:

The Pavilion
The Pavilion is the largest and is an X-braced 'small jumbo' type.

The Baritone
The Pavilion Baritone uses the standard Pavilion body with a 735mm scale for low tunings.

The Arbour
Arbour The Arbour uses the same body shape as the Pavilion but scaled down to dimensions similar to a 000 size.

The Pergola
pergolaThe Pergola is a small-body guitar

The Clarion
ClarionThe Clarion is an alto 12-string guitar.

The Parlour
The Parlour is trditional small-body, slotted head design based on Martin's 00 body shape with twelve frets to the body, well suited to fingerpicking.

The Sonic Sitka Project

I can fit acoustic pickup systems to the player's requirements.