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The Radial
"It is a magnificent instrument. Bold in design and sound, there is something very right about it. Although it is a slightly different sound than our ordinary guitar, the modifications to the shape, the manner of bracing and hole placement produces an extremely big sound that is very well balanced and massive... The sustain is great, the bass is incredible and the treble is distinct and clear... .the Lucas is an amazing guitar that I recommend... The vision of this guitar is well realized and the articulation of the luthier brings forth his vision in striking exactitude."
Larry Cooperman

The Radial is my own design based on the concept that the lower bout is perfectly circular with the bridge at the centre. This drives the soundboard from the most efficient point like a loudspeaker and gives a sound that is powerful, punchy and crystal clear, and at the same time having a big warm bass. The strutting pattern, in common with the Santos model, is a hybrid of radial and fan strutting. I designed the radial guitar in collaboration with the concert guitarist Rob Johns, with a view to producing an alternative to the traditional, essentially 19th century, design developed by Torres. Rob's constant feedback on the design, along with input from Larry Cooperman has helped me to develop the design to its current configuration.

I generally make two small ports in the sides either side of the heel. This allows the guitar to breathe with a more open and expansive sound.

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 Radial sideRadial head
Scale length 660mm
Width at nut 52mm
Width of lower bout 360mm
Body length 514mm
Finished in French polish
Alessi machineheads or similar
Supplied with Hiscox case

Scale length and neck dimensions can be altered to suit individual taste.